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was founded in 2011 with in depth insight into the industry and a firm belief that a qualitative, reliable and at the same time flexible approach to business in the sector brings significant added value to its clients.

The company’s profile, together with that of its collaborators, who include air traffic controllers, commercial pilots, safety experts and engineers, guarantee that the client will have a single point of contact in every project thus achieving the best results in the most efficient and effective way.

INGENAV offers a range of consulting and training services to organisations on an international scale.

Our strength is in combining skills from across the disciplines listed below, to provide solutions that are tailored to our costumer’s needs:

INGENAV is also a CERTIFIED ATC TRAINING ORGANISATION in accordance with EASA and EU Regulation 340/2015.

Vision & Values

Our vision is to provide high -end integrated solutions and knowledge in the most agile manner possible for the safe and efficient evolution of Air Navigation Services and the aviation industry in general.

In doing this we value: safety, quality, innovation, agility, flexibility, clarity and customer focus.

  • Safety is at the heart of INGENAV’s activities.
  • We understand the importance of maintaining a rigorous quality assurance system in order to deliver a consistent and high quality service to our customers.
  • Innovation is anything that breaks with the past and creates value, as perceived by customers.
  • Our customer’s proposals are dealt with efficiency and agility and always focused on their requirements.
  • We provide flexible solutions in the management and in the solutions of our customer’s problems.

Safety and Quality

Quality goes hand in hand with safety.

In order to reach our vision and fulfil our mission we at Ingenav are aware that everything we do has to be to the highest safety and quality standards.

For this purpose, all our services and deliverables are subject to quality assurance processes.

Ingenav is ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System. Click here to read the Safety and Quality Policy.

Our Team

Max Bezzina


Araceli Morales

Quality and Administration Manager

Jose Luis Fernández Loja

Training Manager and ATM Expert

Nicolas Borovich

Senior ATM Consultant

Carlos Moreno

Software Engineer


Mike Doiron

Aviation Safety Expert

Rachael Gordon

Human Factors Expert

Renald Galea

Air Traffic Management Expert

Noel Friggieri

Associated Senior ATM Consultant

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