Apoyo en Transiciones Operativas


Support to transitions

Transitions can vary in nature depending on their type, the organisational maturity and the degree of change. An organisation may need to undergo one of the following types of transitions: system, procedural, operational, organisational or more than one of these at a time.

INGENAV, through its experienced pool of collaborators is capable of supporting each step of a transition in all of its components. We have supported service providers in Operational Readiness and Transition [ORAT] projects, carrying out and accompanying the client in various tasks starting from determining the Concept of Operations, to Drafting Specifications, to Updating Operational Procedures, performing the Safety Case, designing and delivering the Training to staff as well as designing the Operaitonal Transition Plan and supporting the client during the actual migration. We do this using an approach which strongly considers human factors and people’s change management. Areas of work include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Concept of Operations
  • Specification drafting
  • Drafting of Procedures
  • Performing the Safety Case
  • Assessing the changes and their impact and the design and delivery of training
  • Accompanying the client in the change management process
  • Designing the Operational Transition Plan
  • Supporting the migration


Operational Readiness and Transfer
[ORAT] presentation (click on the image)

INGENAVApoyo en Transiciones Operativas