Presenting Ingenav´s Competence Management software module

During these past years, we have been working towards a software suite aimed at supporting air navigation services providers in the management of air traffic controllers and their needs. We are calling this suite ARM for Air traffic controllers Resources Management.

In 2020 we launched our Roster Management module as the first module within ARM. Now we are launching the second module in the suite: the Competence Management module.  Our idea is that each module in the suite is interlinked with the others and fed by one powerful database which would store and distribute all the information pertaining to air traffic controllers. Clients can choose to opt for the complete suite or for distinct modules within it. The formula is flexible.

The Competence Management module allows ANSPs to monitor and manage the competence elements that are present in every ATCO license. The database includes space to incorporate all the elements that are present in a license, such as the ratings, endorsements, etc. and all the elements that enable these endorsements to stay up to date, for example, dates for competence assessments, dates for refresher training, medical examinations, etc.

The administrator of the module will receive warnings, which are parametrisable by the client, notifying that an element needs attention. These warnings can be kept for the attention of the administration or forwarded to the ATCO in a workflow. ATCOs can be given access to the Competence Management module so as to view the information and to also be presented with information pertaining to the status of the components making up their ATC license. The workflow arrangement between administration and the individual controller, which is purely parametrisable as well, would depend on how each ANSP would like to use the Competence Management module. 

Finally, the module also comes with a powerful search function which would allow the ANSP, to plan ahead by launching queries, for example: “How many ATCOs I have that have their English proficiency expiring in the 1st quarter of next year?” or “How many ATCOs are due for their OJTI refresher by a specific time?”, etc.

We think that the Competence Management module is of great add-value to ANSPs and the feedback we are receiving confirms this.

A link to a demo video that we have prepared is embedded in this post.

We are also offering one-on-one online demonstrations of the module. We would be glad to hold one with you – contact us via Linkedin private messaging or via

And one more thing; we are maintaining “covid sensitive” prices for the launching of this module.