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Training, Consultancy and Products

for Air Navigation Services

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Training Delivery

Ingenav is a certified training organisation

In accordance with EASA requirements & EU regulations

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ARM - ATCO Resources Management suite

Providing ANSPs with a program to manage ATCOs

Duty Rosters, Competence and

Information dissemination.


Innovating in the design of ATM systems

with the introduction of Human-Centric,

Machine-learning supported solutions.

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ATM Procedures

INGENAV is a one stop shop

to support its clients in the audit, design

and elaboration of air traffic services


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INGENAV  was founded in 2011 with a deep insight in the ANS industry and with a firm belief that a qualitative, reliable and at the same time flexible approach to business in our sector will bring significant added value to our clients.

The company’s profile, together with that of its collaborators, who include  air traffic controllers,  commercial pilots,  safety experts and  engineers, guarantees that the client will have a single point of contact in every project thus achieving the best results in the most efficient and effective way.

INGENAV offers a range of training and consulting services to organisations on an international scale. Our strength is in combining skills from across the disciplines listed below, to provide solutions that are tailored to our costumer’s needs:

  • Support to Transitions (ORATs)
  • Certified Training Delivery
  • ATC Resource Management software
  • Safety
  • Training in New Systems
  • ATM System Innovations
  • Project Management

INGENAV is also a CERTIFIED ATC TRAINING ORGANISATION in accordance with EASA and EU Regulation 340/2015.