Train The Trainer Skills & Techniques

Training Delivery Courses

If you are designing and delivering training in house, then to ensure best return on investment and knowledge and skill transfer, you will need to rely on well trained personnel to perform the various training tasks. The courses below are aimed at preparing personnel to perform training tasks in your company.

The following courses are available:

Course Name Description
On the job training instructor (OJTI)* Course compliant with EU340/2015 and covers the skills and techniques necessary to become an ATC on the job instructor.
This course is delivered under EASA Certification.
OJTI Refresher A facilitated course aimed at refreshing on the job training techniques.
This course is delivered under EASA Certification.
Instructional Design This course explores the training development process from the moment the syllabus / objectives have been determined until the course is ready for delivery. It includes lesson plans, choice of training media and methods, development of training material and assessments. It also includes how to evaluate training success.
Classroom instruction techniques This course covers various techniques on how classroom instruction can be delivered including: lecturing, facilitation, presentation skills, establishing contact with students, motivation, obtaining feedback and more.
Management of the training function This course introduces the specific elements of management in a training function including: training strategy, human resources, facilities, communication, training portfolio and more.
Synthetic Training Device (Simulator) Instructor (STDI) Course compliant with EU340/2015 and aimed towards those persons who are responsible of imparting practical skills in a training environment. It includes skill transfer, training by objectives, learning theory, dealing with students, using simulators as a training device, differences between on the job training and simulation training, examining and more.
This course is delivered under EASA Certification.
Training needs analysis This course delves into how to perform a training needs analysis: identifying the skill/knowledge gap, the target audience, setting objectives and more.
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