Mobile Briefing


ATCO Mobile Briefing is the latest APP developed by Ingenav which allows for ATC briefings to be accessible via mobile devices to Air Traffic Controllers in a secured and intuitive way.

The controllers can access their daily pre-watch briefing via their mobile phone or tablet, thus complying with the sector´s best practices and with their air navigation services provider requirements.

For ease of use, the information is classified intuitively by category and date. It also includes feedback as to the information that yet needs to be accessed.

In addition to the obligatory information, the APP also includes the possibility to include other complimentary information that can be useful to the controller.

Main characteristics:

  • Can be installed on any mobile device
  • Secure and individualised access
  • The classification of the information can be configured to the client´s needs
  • Is easy to use and intuitive
  • The access to information is trackable
  • The management and uploading of the information is simple and fast.


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