Project Management Training

Training Delivery Courses

In aviation, as in most other industries, the introduction of change into the system is delivered through projects. Having the right project management skills is a path towards implementation success.

The following courses are available:

Course Name Description
Project Management Essentials Oriented towards current & future project team members and project administrative staff: Learn about the essential elements of project management: project stages, project organisation & teams, risk & configuration management, planning & executing to enable you to efficiently participate in projects.
Project Management Advanced Oriented towards current & future project managers: Delve deeper into project management: Planning, execution, monitoring & control, stakeholder, risk & configuration management as well as setting up a project organisation & learning from projects.
Monitoring and controlling multiple projects Oriented at those in programme and portfolio management positions who want to improve their grasp and control of their organisation’s projects: The course focuses on how organisations manage their portfolio of projects, how they ensure that the company’s objectives are being mer. We talk about prioritisations, alignment to business strategy, key performance indicators reporting and corrective action.
INGENAVProject Management Training