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Safety is at the core of aviation. Achieving the adequate levels of safety is not only a pre-condition for aviation but is also an enabler towards growth and competitive advantage. The management of safety is therefore key to enable any company in the aviation industry to function in an efficient, effective and pro-active way.

The courses offered by INGENAV and its partners in this area aim at training personnel in the processes necessary for managing safety and for fostering a safety culture in any aviation organisation in compliance with current regulations.

The following courses are available:

Course Name Description
Safety management Course aiming at introducing all aspects of safety management within air navigation service provision including: Safety regulation and policy, Competence, investigations, reporting and safety culture, Safety planning, monitoring, implementation of improvements.
Quality management This course covers the main elements of a quality management system, including: processes and process mapping, configuration control, specification, planning, auditing, identification of non conformities as well as taking preventive and corrective actions. It also includes insights on how to plan and implement a QMS in your organisation.
Safety Investigations This course is aimed at personnel who is or will be required to perform safety related investigation within an aviation environment. It explores and describes the Eurocontrol Systemic Occurrence Analysis Methodology (SOAM) and includes practice in interviewing skills, developing and reporting findings as well as consideration on just culture and human error.
Risk Assessment The objective of this course is to enable attendants to understand what risk management is and how to perform a risk assessment which will result in safety enhancements and in taking effective decisions across the organization.
Airport operational safety This course provides understanding of various operational airport related hazards that can be made to property, including aircraft and to personnel. It will also look at the regulatory requirements in place in this area.
Apron safety This course analyses the safety aspect of apron operations and to manage the main risks
Weather Risk Management This course will equip participants with the skills and methodology required to develop and implement the Weather Risk Control System (Wx-RCS) which is designed to enhance and support decision-making relating to changing weather conditions.
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