Human Factors & Human Performance

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In aviation, people very rarely work in isolation. Interaction is a constant, either with other persons or with technology or with both. The performance of two persons with equivalent technical skills and knowledge is differentiated by the level of soft skills each one of them has. The one who can communicate, lead, be assertive, coach others, manage their stress and who has knowledge about how the human tends to function performs better than the other.

These set of courses are intended to impart knowledge and improve the necessary skills for higher human performance.

The following courses are available:

Course Name Description
Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) To improve sharing of data and situational awareness at airports between all players involved.
Fatigue Risk Management To learn what causes fatigue and mitigations to these both as pilot or controller and as service provider or airline, in accordance with ICAO recommendations.
Human factors in aviation An introduction to Human Factors including the human information processing model, human error, decision making, situational awareness, stress management & ergonomy.
Operational Supervisor Management Operational team management has its own challenges. This course deals with leadership, conflict management, service delivery and other aspects with relevance to middle management in an aviation operational environment.
Team resources management (TRM)* To improve safety and performance of teams through the improvement of teamwork, communications and error management including their sub components.
This course is proposed to become a regulatory requirement for all ATCOs in the forthcoming version of EU ATC regulations as part of refresher training.
Effective communication skills Improving communication professionally in various aspects: Verbal & non-verbal, written, briefings, presentation skills, communication plans, etc.
* TRM may be delivered to various teams in aviation including: Air Traffic Controllers, Maintenance Technicians, ATS Technical Staff, Ground Handling teams, RAMP staff, etc. TRM courses can also be delivered to improve teamwork and safety between different operational teams and/or between teams and their management. (TRM for aircraft maintenance staff is also referred to as Maintenance Resource Management or MRM).
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