Weather Risk Management Course

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Duration: 3 days
Date:        23-25 May 2016

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Advancements in modern aviation technology have produced aircraft of increased capacity, faster speed and longer range. With these advancements, the understanding of atmospheric phenomena becomes more critical as weather conditions place the aircraft in a vulnerable position. Despite the availability of forecasts and reports, flight planning and decision-making can be challenging under adverse weather conditions. Encounters with unfavourable weather elements can impact all phases of flight and affect safety, decision-making, fuel costs and profits. Therefore, analysing weather encounters would play a critical role in the operators’ overall safety programme.



This course will equip participants with the skills and methodology required to develop and implement the Weather Risk Control System (Wx-RCS) which is designed to enhance and support decision-making relating to changing weather conditions. Emphasis will be placed on identifying and understanding weather hazards and the contributing factors through investigation using a sound framework for analysing weather-related hazards and incidents. Through the fundamental understanding of risk control and management systems, the course aims to promote a healthy safety culture with a focus on Meteorology to reduce the probability of aircraft accidents.


What is covered 

  • Analyzing Weather Hazards
  • “Code Grey” Proactive Forecasting Programme
  • Weather Occurrence Investigations
  • Forecast and Flight Planning Reviews
  • Weather Decision-making
  • Accident Prevention Concepts/Methods



Mr Michael Doiron is President of Cirrus Aviation Safety Services and currently serves as a Safety Advisor with an East Coast Helicopter Operations. He was Former Manager of the Halifax Flight Information Centre (Air Traffic Services), Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Inspector specialising in SMS programs, and had a secondment assignment with Canadian Transportation Board as an accident investigator. He volunteered with search and rescue operations for 28 years and has extensive international experience in the implementation and evaluation of aviation safety programs.


Who should attend

Personnel involved in the implementation of safety programmes or accident prevention from civil aviation authorities, airport authorities/operators, air traffic service providers, airlines and meteorology agencies.



Course Fee is of €1350
Early bird discount available at €1200 until 1st of April 2016 inclusive.


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