ORAT Operational Readiness and Transition OMAN ATM System

Key Projects

Oman Operational Readiness and Transfer (ORAT) Project including:
Development of ATS Concept of Operations for the Muscat en-route centre.
Development of the manual of operations for Muscat ACC.
Functional Hazard Analysis on the changes in procedures.
Support to the Safety Case developed for the transition.

Development and delivery of Training in transition towards the ne En-Route ATM system

  • Electronic flight strips.
  • Medium Term Conflict Detection (MTCD).
  • Arrival Manager (AMAN).
  • Silent cross sector coordination.
  • OLDI

Transition management plan for the ACC and Approach including:

  • Human Resources Plan
  • Migration phasing
  • Rehearsals
  • Rollback procedures

We also provided:

  • Implementation of flow control measures.
  • ATS Support during the transition.
  • ATS liaison to the ATS system manufacturer.
  • Other Ad Hoc support to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation of Oman
INGENAVORAT Operational Readiness and Transition OMAN ATM System